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Change of the Clearing Bank

What happens at this stage

  • A Clearing House Member selects a new bank from the List of banks to act in the capacity of its Clearing Bank (CB) and starts cooperation with that bank.


Completing a set of documents

What happens at this stage

  • The Clearing House Member completes and sends scans of the documents to IRGiT at: @email to verify whether the documentation has been filled out correctly.

  • After the provided scans have been approved by IRGiT, the Clearing House Member promptly delivers the signed original documents to IRGiT.


Conducting general tests

What happens at this stage

  • Deutsche Bank configures appropriate accounts in its banking systems.

  • IRGiT and Deutsche Bank and the Clearing Bank selected by the Clearing House Member perform general tests using the Member's clearing bank account in the Clearing Bank. The performance of general tests requires the Clearing House Member to submit the “Statement of the Clearing House Member concerning general tests”.

Important facts

IRGiT will keep the Clearing House Member informed about the details of each stage of the process on an ongoing basis.

Clearing and Settlement Department

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