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Membership in the Clearing and Settlement House

In order to become a participant in the Clearing and Settlement House an Application for the conclusion of a participation agreement should  be submitted and an appropriate agreement with the bank that acts as the Payer's Bank of the House Participant (list of banks) should be concluded. 

The conclusion of an agreement for participation in the Clearing and Settlement House or the conclusion of an agreement with an entity that acts as the Representative of the Exchange / Trading System Member in the Clearing and Settlement House is one of the conditions for admission to operation on TGE markets cleared by the Clearing and Settlement House. TGE markets cleared by IRGiT can be found here.

Detailed information on the membership in TGE can be found here.


The Clearing and Settlement House members may only be:

  • companies operating trading venues,
  • national banks as defined in the Banking Law,
  • investment firms,
  • foreign investment firms as defined in the Act on Trading,
  • other legal entities than those mentioned in items 2-4 provided that they may be members pursuant to relevant laws applicable in the Republic of Poland and their membership aims at cooperating with the House as regards actions performed in the clearing system referred to Regulations of the Clearing and Settlement House and the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments.
Participation in IRR

The application form and document templates are available on the document templates website.

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